Marketing, Sales & Distribution


We offer a variety of services to help build and maintain your e-commerce business. We provide fully customisable service & consultation packages to work within your particular needs and budget. If you'd like to talk more about your needs, then get in touch! Send us an email through the form on our contact page or reach out to us via phone at 07494 463941 or 0207 2815 797. You can also email us : swapmediaone@gmail.com

We look forward to working with you!  

Product & Content Management Services


High-quality product content is a key factor in running successful e-commerce marketing. Our product and content management services can help you increase online product sales and reduce costly returns. 

E-Commerce Marketing Services

Every great product or service needs equally great marketing in order to be found! Our marketing services are designed to help raise awareness about your products through multiple media channels in the online arena. 

Online Marketplace Management

Years of experience as a multi-channel merchant have given us an intimate working knowledge of marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and more. We're here to optimise product sales and help you avoid costly mistakes. 

Customer Service Outsourcing

Taking care of your customers is crucial to gaining repeat business. Outsourcing your customer service to our team can increase customer satisfaction and free up time to run your business.

Vendor Sourcing Solutions

Looking for a new vendor or having trouble with a current one? Our vendor sourcing services employ specific criteria to determine if a vendor, wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer is good for you. 

Inventory, Logistics, & Fulfillment Services


Successfully selling products online is only half of the e-commerce equation. Our inventory, fulfilment, and shipping logistics consulting services ensure that the other half runs smoothly and efficiently. 


Who we are?


Swap Media is a platform where we sell, market and distribute products.  Our mission is to be a favourite destination for discovering products which are not only of high quality but affordable. We give sellers the platform, the support they need to get their products noticed and to maximize their brand's potential.


What sets us apart?


Our vision for commerce is one that enables the market to maximize and grow to its full potential. We aim to empower people by partnering with them to create economic opportunity, not a competitive environment.



Jennifer Wright​

CEO & Founder - Swap Media One